TRAC - Perth, Australia

TRAC Oil & Gas Pty Ltd is a leading global provider of Rope Access, Inspection, Repair & Maintenance services for the Oil & Gas and related industries.

TRAC, located in Perth, Western Australia is an IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) member company, providing a variety of services such as specialist rope access, inspection, NDT, mechanical fitting, rigging and lifting, welding to our clients on both onshore and offshore oil and gas assets.

Inspection and testing

We provide a comprehensive range of Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and are accredited by NATA to ISO 17025 and Certified by the following classification societies Lloyds Register, ABS and DNV to carry out Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (TM) survey of ship hulls.

Inspection services including statutory in-service inspections (ISI), Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and Non-intrusive inspection (NII) to pressure piping systems, pressure vessels, structures and ships. Inspections are carried out by competent rope access AICIP and API Inspectors.

Our in-service inspection services are supported by conventional and advanced methods including:

Conventional NDT

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (UTT)

Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT or MPI)

Dye Penetrant Testing (PT or DPI),

Advanced NDT

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)

Automated C-Scan corrosion Mapping – Using the RMS2.



TRAC offers a full complement of Mechanical trades for construction, installation, maintenance and decommissioning related activities.

Provision of competent and qualified personnel for:

Rigging and lifting – Rope access advanced riggers

Heavy lift support – Lifting plans

Welding and fabrication – Rope access Boilermakers and Rope access coded welders

Mechanical fitting – Rope access mechanical fitters

Pipe fitting – Rope access pipe fitters



TRAC technicians are competent and experienced time-served electricians with CompEX Electrical Hazardous Area Certification, backed up by an experienced Project Management team.

Provision of competent rope access Electrician / Instrument technicians (INLEC) for:

Equipment installation

Cable installation

EX Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Area (EEHA) inspections


Fabric maintenance

TRAC is a leading supplier of integrated fabric maintenance solutions for all industry sectors on structures such as flare booms, splash zone, risers, platform legs, Crane jibs

Provision of competent and qualified personnel for:

Coating services – in field, Marine coating, Passive fire protection, industrial painting, and protective coatings

Pipe wrap repairs, such as Visco-elastic coating – Stopaq, Composite repairs – Fibreglass wrap

Surface preparation / Blasting – Rope access abrasive and water blasters, UHP.


Industrial Rope Access

TRAC is an IRATA member company offering industrial rope access solutions for working at height. We offer a range of height training solutions and services, such as:

IRATA Training (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3)

Rescue and Recovery services

Dropped objects surveys (DROPS member)

Confined space entry and rescue management

Suspended decking solution

Netting Systems