Paul Stephen

“We know what we’re good at”

Like several members of the team, Engineering Services Manager, Paul Stephen has been with TRAC since the beginning. He’s seen the company develop over the past two decades from start-up to internationally-recognised service provider.

Paul, you’ve been with TRAC since the word “go” – you know better than anyone how the company has evolved.

When TRAC was established, we were a small group of just six staff; we’re considerably bigger now and have grown our portfolio of services on an international scale. Our industry is a volatile one, and we recognised early on that standing still simply won’t cut it – competitors will always exist. Therefore, we’ve always prepared for growth, consistently implemented a robust strategy of investment, whether that’s in R&D, people or equipment. By doing so, we’ve been ready to react to any shift in the marketplace.

How important to TRAC’s success is communication?

With growth comes an inevitable development in processes, procedures and policies, but we’ve been incredibly careful to retain the company ethos put in place 20 years ago.

One of our differentiators is the way in which we communicate, with staff and clients alike. Employees who join us from elsewhere frequently comment on the value they feel at TRAC in not being “just a number”. Equally, client feedback has consistently told us that the personal touch and client focus upon which we built the company, is the key to our results. Never underestimate the power of relationship-building, when it comes to long-term business success.

Can you sum TRAC up in one sentence?

I can sum us up in two sentences! “As we’ve grown, we’ve learned from our mistakes and just got on with it” and “We know what we’re good at”.

Two simple statements that embody our positive attitude and confidence in our considerable abilities.

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