Our USPs & Brand

What makes us different – Delivery, Relationships, Safety, Competence, Independent We have spent time analysing what makes us different, what makes us stand out from our competitors and why our customers keep coming back to us. We specifically asked our customers this question and took their feedback to formulate the following differentiators: Deliverywe deliver every time/ we don’t let customers down
  • FPAL scores – high satisfaction
  • Customer Benchmark survey – high satisfaction
Relationshipswe are not just another supplier/ we build relations and become a reliable partner
  • Customer Benchmark survey – high satisfaction
  • Maersk–12 yrs/ Chevron–11 yrs/ Trelleborg–10 yrs/ Sparrows–10 yrs
Safety we work safely or not at all/ we promote safety proactively
  • Zero AFR to date – 2013/14
  • 1 x LTI in 14 years global operations
  • “Think Safety…!” campaign
Competence we invest in our staff/ we look after our staff/ people want to work for us
  • Investors In People accreditation
  • High staff retention
  • Chevron competence recognition
Independent we are a truly independent and global service provider
  • Flexible & responsive/ unconstrained
  • Focused on our customers’ requirements

Our Brand

How are we perceived, how do we want to be perceived – Market Leading/ Best In Class our-brand All these foundation blocks combine to create our brand. How are we perceived? How do we want to be perceived? Simply put, and as stated in our vision & mission, our brand should reflect…

Market Leading & Best In Class

“Service, Safety, Quality, Innovation”

Service | Safety | Quality | Innovation