Our Values

Who we are and how we do things – Integrity, Loyalty, Achievement, Cooperation, Personal Development Over the years, we’ve seen many highlights at TRAC which have been down to the hard work and commitment of our people. We took some time out to identify the positive behaviours and values that had been demonstrated by our staff to achieve these successes, and we have crystallised these into a formal set of values. These values are our commitment to each other, to our customers, and our other stakeholders, and define who we are and how we do things at TRAC: Integrity We will – be honest, trusting, respectful and consistent while working in an ethical manner and be responsible for our actions. Loyalty We will – respect the equality, strengths and reputation of our colleagues and customers, while positively promoting the company image and global brand. Achievement We will – recognise success and give gratitude and credit to all as we exceed our customers’ expectations globally, while continually striving to be the best and learn from our experiences. Cooperation We will – show shared vision and goals to deliver on our values and achieve success through teamwork, understanding and support in a constructive manner. Personal Development We will – encourage and support each other to fulfil our potential and achieve personal goals as the company continues to grow, while developing our team skills at every level.

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