All Energy 2012

TRAC Oil & Gas Ltd exhibited at Aberdeen’s All-Energy Exhibition in May 2012, the UK’s largest renewable energy exhibition and conference.

Having recently successfully completed our first major projects in this sector, TRAC was able to demonstrate how their existing core Oil & Gas engineering support services for the construction, inspection and maintenance of offshore assets hvae been adapted to meet the requirements of the Offshore Wind industry. The exhibition attracted over 8,000 visitors, the largest number to date with attendees from over 50 countries. All_Energy_2012 Danny Hawthorn, Managing Director at TRAC commented,
“This was an excellent opportunity to celebrate our recent successes in the Offshore Wind sector, and to assess further the opportunity within the Renewable Energy industry.  It’s clear from our experiences that Aberdeen will play a pivotal role in the future development of this global industry and that TRAC will contribute to be successful”.

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