Celebrate Aberdeen

TRAC continue their support of the ‘Celebrate Aberdeen’ event.

On the 9th June 2012, TRAC continued with our support for Celebrate Aberdeen, this year sponsoring the Instant Neighbour charity. Celebrate_Aberdeen Celebrate Aberdeen is now an annual event in Aberdeen, which aims to highlight the hard work and success of Aberdeen’s third sector, the Voluntary Sector, culminating in a parade and celebrations in the city centre.Instant Neighbour is a local charity within the City of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire who provide a range of services for vulnerable peopleexperiencing poverty and homelessness. Celebrate_Aberdeen__2_ Scott Baxter, representing Celebrate Aberdeen stated,
“We’re very appreciative of the support shown by the Private Sector organisations for those in the Voluntary sector, and once again, TRAC has been very generous in their sponsorship of the event which is great news”.

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