Competence Success

TRAC’s efforts in assuring the competence of our NDT technicians involved in the inspection of in-service components, has recently received global recognition by a major international operator. In-service inspection is a key element in continued safe plant operation for onshore and offshore operators, and is the core function of the majority of NDT technicians involved in the oil and gas industry. The ability to ensure that any defects are initially identified, and then correctly categorised, sized and reported is crucial to the overall asset integrity assurance process. Over the years, it has been widely recognised that there was a gap in the skill-set of NDT personnel, in that existing certification schemes tended to focus on use of equipment and the identification of defects in newly fabricated components. They did not equip personnel to identify the corrosion and erosion type defects commonly found in in service process systems. In 2009, TRAC worked closely with The Welding Institute to establish a company based Corrosion Awareness training scheme that built on existing certification to ensure that all our ultrasonic technicians are capable of accurately locating and identifying in-service defects. TRAC has established this as a baseline in competence for all technicians and the scheme, which has been formally accredited within the CSWIP system, is fast becoming an industry recognised standard. More recently one of TRAC’s key customers, a major international operator, who has been formally monitoring the competence of NDT suppliers throughout their global operations, produced a report which clearly demonstrated the success of this scheme, placing the North Sea and UK operations (where TRAC are the key supplier) at the top of their competence league table. Stuart Ley, TRAC’s inspection manager said:
“We have worked very hard and invested heavily over the last few years to establish this new corrosion awareness training scheme, and we continue to promote it as our minimum standard in supplying qualified and competent inspectors for our customers. To get this kind of feedback and recognition really highlights the efforts of the team at TRAC and should give our customers great confidence in our ability to accurately locate and identify any defects”.

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