Flange Face Corrosion

Practical flange face and corrosion mapping Inspection demonstration

Due to an industry shortfall TRAC held a demonstration of the latest phased array technology for the inspection of in-service flange faces on process pipe work. Flange face inspection is a current industry ‘hot’ topic due to the number of associated failures occurring in this area. Phased Array technology provides a reliable and robust inspection method for this application, allowing better accuracy, repeatability, permanent records and time savings over conventional UT methods. Our customers were invited to view the demonstration and get ‘hands-on’ with the Omniscan Phased Array equipment supplied by Olympus NDT. Stuart Ley, TRAC’s Inspection Manager explained:
“The method of non-intrusive inspection addresses a major industry shortfall. We have developed processes and invested in our staff and equipment to deliver a robust flange face corrosion solution for our customers.”

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