IMG Composites Lunch & Learn

TRAC Oil and Gas host lunch and learn awareness session with IMG Composites based on issues surrounding Caisson Corrosion

TRAC and IMG Composites Repairs held a demonstration of the latest composite repair system.  Composol Caisson has been engineered and designed to restore structural integrity of caissons and other large diameter pipes suffering from wall thinning caused by internal & external corrosion or mechanical damage. TRAC’s Tommy van Huuksloot stated:
“IMG Composite Repairs and TRAC held a very well attended Lunch and Learn session, to show our clients our close working relationship and our capabilities. IMG Composites held a small presentation on their product(s) and services. To conclude the session IMG and TRAC Technicians applied a wrap to a Caisson like structure whilst on the ropes to show how quickly and easily we can apply the wraps.”
Overall the session was a success and helped promote the awareness of corrosion and the use of composite repairs. If you would like a copy of the presentation material or further information please see below for contact details.

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