IRATA Work & Safety Analysis 2018

The report examines data for employment and incident reports submitted by IRATA members January – December 2017. IRATA membership rose to 389 by Q4, a further increase of 36 members operating worldwide. Total employment rose to 15,530. Associated work hours remained at 18 million hours. There was a significant and welcome increase of employment of L1s by over 1,000. Utilisation fell to 1,171 hours per employee, the lowest for over 5 years. There were 148 reported events, of which 86 were ‘Dangerous Occurrences’. Fatalities, injuries and illnesses accounted for 62, of which 13 were reportable, and, very sadly, including three fatalities. The overall reportable injury rate was 110 per 100,000 workers – well below all latest UK, Eurostat EU28 and USA work injury statistics – maintaining a very good safety record for injuries, though returning to 2010-2013 levels for ‘On Rope’ working. The fatalities contributed to an increase in the 5-year fatality rate to well above the range of most other related data. This must be a cause of concern for the Association. Positives include the absence of illnesses brought on by hot/humid conditions and a significant reduction in ‘On Rope’ errors by technicians. Areas where improvements in safety could be achieved are identified, were dominated by the need to prevent rope damage and severance. Dropped objects remain a concern, as does site protection and hazard identification, all of which need to be improved. Please find the report here: Work & Safety Analysis 2018 (10MB PDF file)

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