John Sim

“Clients looking for total innovation find it with TRAC”

A decade with the same employer is unusual these days – never mind two decades! And yet several of our staff have been with us since we opened our doors. Project Manager, John Sim, is one of that band and explains the benefits to both the company and our clients.

We know it’s tricky, but can you sum up the past 20 years of your career with TRAC?

Originally a plaster by trade, I joined TRAC at its inception, at Rope Access Level 1. Working onshore at the beginning – mast work, hydro dams etc – before moving into the offshore arena. By 2001 I had gained my Rope Access Level 3, supervising my team. TRAC undertakes two main divisions of rope access work – inspection and construction. I focused on the latter and began undertaking rigging work.

I moved into an “office” role about five years ago, but as Project Manager, I still spend plenty of time offshore. That’s pretty unusual, but it makes sense to be involved in the entire project – from initial meeting to work scope completion. That level of ownership ensures there are never any gaps or mis-communications in the service we provide.

You’ve been here since the start – what’s been key to TRAC’s longevity?

Fundamentally, TRAC Oil & Gas is a highly innovative, adaptable company. Clients looking for total innovation find it with TRAC  – whether that’s through technology or approach. We’ve been through three market crashes, coming out the other side each time. I attribute that to our flexible approach, and our ability to identify niche markets, such as FPSO inspection. We’re also very proud of our incredibly loyal client base; it’s definitely a factor in our success, and  – I like to think – a real reflection of the skills and service we provide.

And what’s been the key to YOUR longevity at TRAC?

I recognise that in the wider industry, 20 years with one company is pretty unusual – that’s not the case at TRAC. Several of us have 15+ years’ service here and for me, the most important factor is the family atmosphere and the trust we all share in one another. We all know each other well, and I feel that the company is genuinely loyal to its staff; that’s invaluable. I’ve had the ability to move within roles, to travel internationally,  and have been an active member of some of our most momentous projects. I’m particularly proud of the part I played in a project for CNR, in 2017. I had sole ownership of this, and the complexity of the job and successful outcome gave me such satisfaction.

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