Kirsty Gibbon

“It makes me look forward to coming in to work every single day”

Currently Contracts Co-ordinator, Kirsty Gibbon has been with TRAC for over four years. She’s undertaken several people-centric roles since she joined us, and neatly reflects our passion to build positive relationships.

You’ve worked in a variety of roles since joining TRAC. Tell us why that’s been so important.

From my time at reception – where you are the first point of contact for anyone (internal and external) contacting the company – to my stints as logistics administrator and operational support coordinator, I’ve developed an in-depth understanding of TRAC’s workforce. When it comes to my current role as contracts co-ordinator, that knowledge is like gold dust and allows me to deploy our staff as efficiently and effectively as possible. Without that wider experience of the company, this would be a lot harder!

As contracts co-ordinator, you must like dealing with people?

The necessity of building relationships across the entire business is one that I really enjoy. Of course, there are challenges associated with that, but I’m interested in every individual I work with, and that really helps me to retain the knowledge about them that helps me do my job.

TRAC is a people-focused business. Nobody is hiding in a corner – we communicate with each other on a daily basis and everyone’s voice is heard, so I guess my passion for people is pretty well matched here.

You’re currently undertaking a Logistics apprenticeship via NESCOL; how’s that going?

Given how much I enjoy my role, I’m delighted to be gaining a qualification in Logistics. TRAC is brilliant at identifying potential (I was promoted to logistics administrator after just three months as receptionist) and equally as good at encouraging development. I’m never opposed to any of the opportunities that come my way here, and I’m proud of being allowed to develop so quickly. It’s a real pat on the back and such a confidence boost; it makes me look forward to coming in to work every single day.

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