Liam Dixon

“It’s a bit of a win-win situation for everyone”

We take apprenticeships seriously at TRAC, and Liam Dixon, 20, is a perfect example of why that pays off.

What’s your TRAC role?

I didn’t have any particular plans when I left school; I was attending college without any real objective in mind when I was made aware of a part-time job at TRAC. Just over a year later, and things have changed! I’m a full-time Stores Assistant who has since returned to college in order to gain my Mechanical Engineering apprenticeship.

How’s the apprenticeship going?

This is a four-year commitment for both me and TRAC – and I’m really pleased they suggested I do this. Not only will I gain recognised qualification at the end of my apprenticeship, but I’m also able to transfer knowledge from college to work, and vice versa. It’s a bit of a win-win situation for everyone.

After a year at TRAC, what are your thoughts about the company?

This is my first “proper” job and TRAC is so different to what I had expected. There’s a real family feel to the place – everyone knows each other and, although we’re all really busy, it’s a relaxed atmosphere to work in. I’ve heard plenty of my colleagues say the same, so whilst I don’t have much experience of other companies, this is obviously something which really defines TRAC. The fact that our 5-aside football team, Boom Tracalaka, has such an excellent time together is reflective of that.

As an international Flag footballer (a version of American football) too, I’m pretty busy in my spare time, travelling internationally with the Aberdeen Oilcats. The fact that I’m able to have the right kind of work-life balance in order to do this, is something I really value.

What does the future hold for you?Right now, I’m not sure – I’m just at the start of my career. But I do know that TRAC has given me a direction and a really solid base from which they help me grow and develop. That means a lot.

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