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Optimised Solutions for an Integrated Energy Industry

TRAC Renewable Services has been established to harness the inspection, engineering, repair and maintenance (IRM) experience and expertise held within the TRAC International group of companies – we provide a single source source solution for buyers within the Wind, and wider Renewable Energy industries.

We live by the core TRAC values of Service, Safety, Quality and Innovation.

We will help Operators, Generators and OEMs to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy by providing solutions that:

  1. Deliver Compliance and Safety Benefits (ensuring “Day One Readiness”)
  2. Optimise Delivery Programmes (Reducing Asset Downtime and Logistics Footprint)
  3. Responsibly Manage Risk (Safeguarding Project Delivery)

Talk to our Head of Services, Joel Telling

“Our vision is for the TRAC global brand, already market-leading in other sectors, to become synonymous with best in class delivery of services to the renewable power generation and transmission industries”

Current UK Electricity Generation Mix

Accreditations and Memberships

We are proud of the lessons learned by TRAC in over two decades of work within the uncompromising offshore environment.

These are reflected within our service line accreditation and safety record – and underpin our reputation for quality assured, innovative service delivery.

Safety Goals and Performance 2016 – Full Year 2020

Our proactive and focused “zero harm” approach has resulted in an excellent safety record

107 months incident free c.2 million hours worked with:

  • No major injuries or environmental incidents
  • No 3 – 7 day or RIDDOR Lost Time Incidents
  • Enquest Safety Award | NHS Healthy Working Lives Silver Award 2019 | SEPA 2019 Vibes Award Finalist

Environment, Sustainability and Governance

Our objective is to both meet our own obligations / goal setting and to offer service solutions that either reduce cost or improve yield of renewable energy generation.

We will do this by focusing on the People, Planet, Prosperity & Governance metrics that are core to our culture and over-arching Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Service | Safety | Quality | Innovation