Rectification and Emergency Works

We supply a proven range of inspection and repair services that can be rapidly deployed, either in response to an unplanned incident, as part of post-construction snagging or during planned outages.

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Coating Repairs & Tower Cleaning

Either due to the installation process, coating anomalies, wear or eventual weather erosion –  coating repair is a common requirement. Repair campaigns should be completed during the spring to autumn maintenance season to avoid further deterioration in winter weather.

Tower cleans may arise for a variety of reasons from fire damage to gear box oil leakage – TRAC can cover all cleaning requirements.

Structural Inspection & Repair

Urgent mobilisation may be required to identify damage caused by impact (dropped object, vessel or rotor blade for example), vibration or other causes; and to provide clear documentation to support an assessment of structural integrity.

We offer a full suite of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Asset Integrity Management services, alongside the capability to carry out weld or structural repairs in accordance to an approved procedure.

TRAC is Lloyds Register approved to conduct surveys using Remote Inspection Techniques of ships and mobile offshore units – our UAV (drone) solutions are also CAA licenced and this method of inspection is ideally suited to ‘first response’ inspection at hazardous sites.

Retrofits & Modifications

These may be required as part of a life extension programme, driven by a change in working practice or flagged within a safety or product recall alert.

Requirements will vary from upgrade of ladders, landings and fall protection systems, replacement of parts in line with OEM specification or installation of new cable management.

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