Repair Services

Blade Repairs
BladeBuilding on nearly a decade of experience working with many of the major blade manufacturers, our blade specialists repair damages caused by leading edge erosion, bond-line failures, moisture intrusion, freeze/thaw cycling, transportation and lightning damage. TRAC Renewables technicians have developed innovative repair methods (TRAC advantEDGE) that prolong the life span and overall effectiveness of field repairs. Each repair is documented and recorded, step-by-step, for quality control purposes and to ensure adherence to work instructions.  
AdvantEDGEUnique to TRAC Renewables, TRAC advantEDGE is a revolutionary Leading Edge Protection Solution for all wind turbine blades. A tested and proven protective shield is placed on the leading edge to provide 20 years durability both on and offshore. Two installation methods are available to cater for both pre and post commissioning of blades. High precision machining allows for minimal blade surface interference and an aerodynamic finish. TRAC advantEDGE can be installed via a number of access methods from Factory Floor to Rope Access, Blade Platform or MEWP. Visit TRAC advantEDGE >> << Back to Renewable Energy

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