Specialist NDT

specialist-inspection-tofd Controlled Area Radiography Unrestricted use onsite – compact equipment offering safe barrier radius of 2 meters. No disruption to adjacent work scopes or nucleonic measuring equipment and reduced exposure risks to technicians/personnel. Suitable for all radiography applications and locations – (offshore and onshore installations). Computed Radiography Shorter exposure times compared to conventional processing and no dark room requirements. Image annotations allowing accurate thickness measurements and repeatability. Multi-thickness components covered with a single exposure. Digital media allows emailing of images/results for onshore review. Suitable for corrosion under insulation, corrosion monitoring, temporary repair inspection, flexible riser inspection. Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) Sizing of flaws in new and in-service welds and components. Offers high Probability of Detection and immediate inspection results. An alternative to radiography and better reliability than conventional UT for in-service inspection. Phased Array Ultrasonic’s (PAUT) Ultrasonic inspection technique alternative to radiography – weld scanning, in-service pipe and vessel scanning corrosion mapping, flange face inspection. Multiple angle scans with single probe, beam steering capability, multiple on screen representation, sophisticated data analysis and reduced inspection time. Saturated Low Frequency Eddy Current (SLOFEC) Automated system based on magnetic biased eddy current principal, offering high speed inspection, high POD, with increased sensitivity and reliability. Suitable for pipe and vessel scanning, tank floor scanning and MIC (microbiological corrosion) inspection. Long Range Ultrasonic’s (LRUT) Utilising Guided Wave technology. Fast screening of long lengths of pipework. Suitable for inspection of clad, buried, bridge crossings, jetty’s, offshore risers, any sections of inaccessible pipework where there is access to one end. Minimum access required, time/cost savings, and fast set-up time. Thermal Imaging (Thermography) Fast and effective screening method for detection of leaks in offshore process systems and faults with electrical components circuitry. Light and compact equipment for one man operation and suitable for rope access use. Reliable proven technology for temperature measurements up to 1500° C. Positive Material Identification (PMI) Handheld and mobile Thermo Scientific analyzers are engineered for portable elemental analysis and ease of use. A very fast method of establishing the nature of any material in question and ideal for identifying in-service gasket material, piping material and bolt material. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Inspection Safe, cost effective video inspection of offshore structures including flare stack, splash zone and underdeck inspection carried out by experienced personnel. Click here for more info. Riser Inspection (AquaTRAC) The AquaTRAC riser inspection tool is designed to carry out cleaning, close visual, radiographic and ultrasonic inspection on Flexible Risers. The system employs adjustable diameter fitment to risers, high pressure water cleaning system to safely remove marine growth. Close visual inspection of the riser using the 2 fully operating pan and tilt video survey cameras, and any areas of concern identified can then be subject to further inspection using radiographic or techniques to check for any underlying damage.

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