Personnel Competence is a key element in all aspects of TRAC Oil & Gas. Staff development is actively encouraged at all levels. TRAC has demonstrated commitment to its staff by achieving awards such as Investors in People. When considering contract competency issues TRAC has developed extensive and robust systems to ensure the client’s specific requirements are met or indeed exceeded. Inspection/NDT personnel are, in general terms, trained & certified in accordance with National or International recognised Schemes such as Personnel Certification in Non-destructive testing (PCN) or Certification Scheme for Welding & Inspection Personnel (CSWIP) both in accordance with ISO 9712 Non-destructive testing – Qualification and certification of NDT personnel. An employer based scheme commonly applied is The American Society for Non-destructive Testing Inc. Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A, Personnel Qualification and Certification in Non-destructive Testing. Certification and Competency: Having being certified in accordance with a recognised scheme is not evidence of competency. What defines competency? In general terms competency is defined as: Education, formal training, independent assessment, relevant experience and finally attitude. Add to this knowledge of the processes and component to be tested. TRAC has developed a process to evaluate these attributes and if necessary, fill the gaps identified. Below is an illustration of the Skills Matrix of a Rope Access Inspection / NDT Technician employed in an offshore environment. training-1 It is fairly obvious that the certification process at best deals with some of the core skills. All other aspects of the matrix are relevant to the job in hand. TRAC has in place, comprehensive courses to allow us to train, assess and certify personnel in these methods and techniques. The courses are specific to Industry needs i.e. Offshore structures viz. Platforms, MODUs, FPSO or FSU. TRAC has purpose built facilities in the United Kingdom, Australia and Brasil for courses in both Rope Access (IRATA) and Inspection/NDT. The tutors are highly qualified and experienced in their fields of expertise. In summary, TRAC is committed to the supply of verified competent personnel in whatever discipline is required to fulfil the contractual requirement, and has the necessary resources to do so.

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