Weekend Technical Seminar

Representatives from ATOs and AQBs got together recently for a weekend seminar to discuss and agree the training and certification processes proposed for the new scheme; Certification of Personnel for In-Service Inspection – Manual Ultrasonic Testing – Via the Modular Route. The weekend was a mix of information from the Oil & Gas Industry in Aberdeen relative to specific requirements for personnel coming into the Industry and a valuable input from the experienced examiners relative to certification requirements and standards to be applied. There was also time set aside for the practical application of manual ultrasonic techniques to relevant samples. This practical application was in accordance with guidelines proposed by the Industry. Participating companies and organisations included: British Institute of NDT, IMechE, Rigmar Training, SGS India, Lavender International, Bilfinger, TWI, ARL, Sonomatic, TRAC Oil & Gas and NDT Limited. The weekend was organised by Bill Brown, Technical Manager of TRAC Oil & Gas Ltd in conjunction with the British Institute of NDT. The event was sponsored by TRAC Oil & Gas Ltd and hosted by TWI at their training facility in Aberdeen. TWI, Rigmar Training and TRAC Oil & Gas all contributed samples and equipment to allow the practical sessions to be informative and relevant. The outcome was very positive with the representatives agreeing to support the new scheme. trac-technical-seminar

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