Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Lunch & Learn

TRAC hosted a Lunch & Learn event with Sky Futures, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Specialists.

TRAC was pleased to host a Lunch & Learn event at their premises with Sky Futures giving a presentation followed by a practical flying demonstration complete with ‘first person view’ goggles.   uav_demo Technical experts and UAV operators from Sky Futures were on hand to present benefits and practical applications in visual inspection of topsides (eg. Flare Tip Inspection) and some underdeck structures. Using video from a UAV survey, TRAC can, with the help of skilled inspection personnel, produce visual inspection reports as well as recommend and provide maintenance and repair services.  The UAVs would increase TRACs visual inspection capacity, providing a full visual inspection service alongside ROVs. Gordon Cook, TRAC Operations Director stated,
“We had a positive response to this event and would like to thank those who attended.  The benefits of inspection by UAV, particularly convenience of access and comprehensive inspection, were explained and demonstrated. This will complement TRAC’s current inspection services capability.”
For more information visit http://www.sky-futures.com/ live_flare_uav oil_flare_tip_uav

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